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AG Table Lamp

AG Table Lamp

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The AG Table Lamp was born from the experimentation process of designer Andre Grippi in partnership with Cabiúna.

The great challenge for its development was the opaque materiality and formal limitations of ceramics. After extensive research in the studio of master ceramist Alice Felzenswalb, the idea arose to turn the object into a container, alluding to the first ceramic artifacts created by humanity, only this time the content of that container would be light. When turned off, the lamp resembles a vase. When turned on, its interior is filled with a warm light, which overflows and indirectly illuminates the environment.

Individually hand-turned with Brazilian raw material, each piece presents nuances of texture and color that make them unique.
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Medium Ag Lamp: 14cm (diameter) x 27cm (height)
Large AG Lamp: 16cm (diameter) x 34cm (height)


This product is sold with a G9 5W 127/220V E 3000k 300lms LED bulb, we recommend that they be replaced with bulbs of the same specification in case they burn out/fail. Do not use in sockets with voltages greater than 220V or with lamps with a power greater than 5W. It is expected that the dome of the lamp becomes warm to the touch after a few hours turned on, if the lamp becomes very hot to the touch, remove the cable from the socket immediately.

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