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Ara lamp

Ara lamp

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The Ara Table Lamp is the a collaboration between siblings; the architect Antonio Mauricio, and the artist Mariana Mauricio.

The design stems from a balance of oppositions; an ancient ceramic technique, mixed with modern lighting technology.

Hand-thrown and fired in Rio de Janeiro with locally sourced materials by third generation artisans. Each copy of the Ara light presents nuances of texture, imprinted by artisans hands, and color that make it unique.

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High temperature ceramics, acrylic plastic and PLA, Electronics.


27.5cm (height) x 26cm (diameter)


The product is sold with three G9 5W 127-220V 3000k 300lms LED bulbs, we recommend that they be replaced with bulbs of the same specification in case they burn out or fail. Do not use in outlets with voltages greater than 127-220V or with bulbs with a power greater than 5W. The dome of the lamp might get warm to the touch after a few hours, if the lamp becomes very hot to the touch, remove the cable from the socket immediately.

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